Born Free Debut EP

Born Free - Commix EP

Following swiftly from that excellent Spray 12" by young Cos Mes affiliate Powder, Sling and Samo's Born Free label usher in another debutant in the shape of Scott Young. Hailing from Hong Kong, this Commix 12" looks to be Young's debut release though our research reveals he's recently contributed to the latest Opal Tapes compilation as Satin Doll. At three tracks, you get a nice feel for Young's diversity as a producer with "Pseudo Crushed Funk" veering into full throttle techno intensity, whilst title track "Commix" sits at the opposite end of the scale with some softly affecting abstract beatdown that will appeal to fans of the Huerco S. album. "MOEI" presents a similarly hazed finale and suggests Young to be a producer of some promise.